Friday, October 28, 2011

Friends In Christmas Show

Deb and I will be at this show with our art work and antiques. This just may be my favorite show of the year! It is held in my good friend, Paul Gordon's studio which at one time was an old store and is filled with charming antiques available for sale including toys, sewing items, folk art and of course holiday collectibles. If you are lucky you can take a peak into the rabbit warren of rooms where he makes his amazing creations.

Customers from across the country flock to this intimate little event that seems more like a Christmas Party with lots of sweet treats and Paul's Special Punch. Everyone stays for the entire day, catching up with old friends and walking the streets of the quaint town of Martinsburg visiting all of the unique shops and restaurants.
Artists and friends chatting at the show.
Photo courtesy of King of Mice Studio.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great News!

Truffle Pigs will once again be having a show at the Holiday Inn Chantilly, Virginia on Saturday, January 7, 2012 (occuring at the same time as the January DC Big Flea right next store at the Expo Center). Our show will take place in the Grand Duke Ballroom (same location we had in July).

Some exciting changes are in store as well. Paul Gordon, a great friend for many years and an amazing artist will be joining us. Paul has been collecting antiques for decades and is ready to deaccession some of his collection of sewing items, fabrics, trims, dolls and toys.

In addition, in the afternoon we will be offering some classes and/or lectures. Lots more deatils to be determined soon so check back to the blog in the coming weeks.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween and Sewing!

Witch Scissors

Pumpkin Pin Cushion

Rat Pin Cushion

Black Cat Pin Cushion & Tape Measure

Black Glass Spider Button

1920's Halloween Sewing Patterns

Owl Tape Measure

Pierrot Half Dolls

Folky Sewing Box

Metal Insect Buttons


(all images courtesy of Live Auctioneers or Ebay)