Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet Emeries

Emeries are one of the most sought after collectibles in the world of sewing collectibles. The most common shapes are strawberries but they can also be found as other fruits, animals and acorns. True emeries are stuffed with--Emery!--tiny steel filings of a sand like texture.
Sterling capped emeries are particularly desirable like the acorn above which is constructed of chamois.
The fabrics can be wool, silk, velvet and man made materials with silk being more desirable-it is often found in poor shredded condition. Strawberries often are embellished with beads or tiny threads to represent seeds. In picture three is shown a wax strawberry-not a true emery but a waxer for making thread extra strong.

The last three pictures (carrots, ladybugs, mice) are contemporary emeries made by Deborah Hartwick, so sweet!

(pictures 3 and 4 from Green Valley and Bonhams Auction Houses)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Treasure Box

As long as I can remember I have collected stuff. My first real collection when I was about 13 was specimen shells. I started out as everyone does picking up pretty shells on the beach and soon graduated to purchasing rare varieties at specialty shops during summer vacation with my hoarded  allowance.
Antique buttons hold the same fascination: they appeal to my sense of visual excitement with a myriad of colors, textures, materials, and themes. This box is a jumble of my favorites waiting to be organized onto  button cards. As with all my collecting it is not always the most valuable ones that I am drawn too (although that is sometimes appealing in itself) more often it is just that they are just so dang awesome!