Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful Stitching on the Silver Screen: "Bright Star"

I finally had a chance to see the film "Bright Star", about poet John Keats and his lady love Fanny Brawne.

Sewing, handwork, textiles and early 18th century fashion play a big part in this film, not to mention beautiful cinematography and superb acting. The movie opens with a super close-up of a needle stitching and the character of Fanny Brawne stitches and creates her own garments throughout. From the age of 12 Fanny kept a fashion scrap-book, something dear to my own heart.
Here are some great links related to the movie including
Keats House in London. Fanny's sewing kit
And Sophie Digard who made the sweater garments for the movie.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fuzzy Balls

I just purchased these crocheted sewing pincushion balls and am in love with them. I have seen these occasionally while out and about, usually sold by dealers who specialize in sewing-americana-folk art-Pennsylvania antiques. The colors, texture and pattern are so interesting---I will surely be on the hunt for more>
Below, some more pics of balls for your viewing pleasure
(pics below courtesy of Pook & Pook and Conestoga Auction)

String balls and a puzzle ball pincushion. I believe these are based upon the "God's Eye" string technique.
Pom Pom plush ball.
Several pieced pincushion balls, crochet balls, wrapped string make-do pincushion and 2 chickens.
Puzzle balls, string ball, pom pom etc..

Sting ball pincushions.
European ball pincushion.
Lady and her huge ball made from granny squares.