Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fuzzy Balls

I just purchased these crocheted sewing pincushion balls and am in love with them. I have seen these occasionally while out and about, usually sold by dealers who specialize in sewing-americana-folk art-Pennsylvania antiques. The colors, texture and pattern are so interesting---I will surely be on the hunt for more>
Below, some more pics of balls for your viewing pleasure
(pics below courtesy of Pook & Pook and Conestoga Auction)

String balls and a puzzle ball pincushion. I believe these are based upon the "God's Eye" string technique.
Pom Pom plush ball.
Several pieced pincushion balls, crochet balls, wrapped string make-do pincushion and 2 chickens.
Puzzle balls, string ball, pom pom etc..

Sting ball pincushions.
European ball pincushion.
Lady and her huge ball made from granny squares.


  1. Some of the more ornate string balls - appear to be Japanese temari balls. Love the photos of them all!!! That granny square ball is a hoot!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos. What a wonderful collection.:) I really love the chickens too. I would really love to see some of creations "on person" someday.:)