Thursday, February 14, 2013

About 4 Seconds of Fame on Market Warriors

The DC Big Flea Episode of Market Warriors on PBS was televised this past Monday, February 11th and it was so fun to watch. The filming took place in July 2012. It's quite surreal to see on TV what you have seen in person and are familiar with and we recognized quite a few of our dealer friends and their wares. Although the Warriors didn't purchase anything from the Truffle Pigs they did stop in our booth looking for the target item: miniature furniture.

Here are some still shots showing our booth:

John Bruno checking out a little folk art chair.
You can just make out Debbie with her back to the Camera

All three of us love Market Warriors and often call each other to chat/recap after each episode. I have to say this is my favorite antiques related show because I feel it gives the most realistic view of antique buying and selling. Of course in the real world most dealers purchase from a variety of sources(auction, flea markets, estate sale, yard sale, shops and private collections) and likewise sell in a variety of similar ways based on the best market for a particular item. Antiques Roadshow seems to only highlight rare and highly valuable items for the wow factor and tends to focus on the same types of categories. How much more art glass, guns and Asian art do we have to see! Market Warriors appeals to my geek side, educating me about many categories and price ranges. 

We must confess, we were so busy waiting on customers that we hadn't even realized that we were being filmed so it was a thrilling surprise when we watched Monday's episode. If you missed it you can still catch it here: Market Warriors Episode Chantilly Virginia

Thanks Market Warriors and PBS, we hope you can make it back to the DC Flea again!