Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spotlight on a Truffle Pigs Fan

Oftentimes we get to meet other creative artists when we are at one of our shows. Last July we met the talented Christina Muse who makes amazing boxes filled with found objects. As you can see she is particularly fond of sewing items when it comes to creating her art.

Here is what she has to say:
"I have a fondness for sewing items because our whole family sewed, even my dad. He made down vests and jackets for camping. My mom would make hot mini skirts and dresses and everyone wanted to know where she bought her clothes. She refused to buy me clothes and bought fabric instead and said make it yourself. Didn't mind because I loved sewing. Now those little items are making their way into my art".

Christina's work has been sold in some local galleries and shops. You can view more of her work and contact her here.
Just goes to show that the vintage sewing and craft items we sell are often parlayed into something far beyond their intended use!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Truffle Pigs at the DC Big Flea!

Saturday January 8, 2011 9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday, January 9, 2011 11 AM to 5 PM
Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia

We are Booths # 433-434,
Row H in the South Building

(click to see larger)

We will be bringing many "fresh to the market" antique and vintage sewing items, trims, fabric, buttons and toys and will be seriously discounting some of our older inventory.
In addition we will have some exciting new designs of our own artwork (pincushions, emeries, sewing boxes and more).

Check back for more updates about the show!

Follow this link for directions and lodging Damore' Promotions
and follow The Big Flea on Facebook for show updates.

Feel free to comment with any ??? or requests
Hope to see you there!
Stacey Bear    Kim Stout    Deborah Hartwick

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Will The Weekend Bring?

Two big events are occuring this weekend and the Truffle Pigs (Stacey, Deb, and Kim) will be hoping to make some good purchases for our show coming up. Both of these venues will have antiques that just may be beyond our reach financially, however we always consider these outings an opportunity for learning and inspiration.
Jeffrey S. Evans Auctions will present the Sewing Collection of Hilda S. Fried which will contain a lifetime of fine needlework and sewing items. Seeing such a beautiful array of fine antiques in one place is a great way to educate yourself and the excitment of an auction can be contagious--I hope we don't get carried away!
We always make it a point to attend the Eastern National Antique Doll Show. Vendors often bring doll related items and some of the most rare dolls, toys and textiles can be found here.

We also plan to stop along the way during our travels at some favorite SECRET spots to gather more treasures for the show in January.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friends in Christmas

Stacey will be heading to Martinsburg, West Virginia for "Friends in Christmas". The show is on November 13, 2011 from 9 AM - 2 PM at Paul Gordon's Studio.

A Gathering of Craftsmen

Debbie will be traveling to Connecticut this holiday season as one of the exhibiting artists at "A Gathering of Artists". The show will take place on November 13 & 14 at the Gallery: New England Historical Connection, 300 Danbury Rd. Wilton, CT. Show hours are: Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM and Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM.
This is the 2nd year for this high quality show, an offshoot of the Wilton American Craftsmen Show.
More information can be found here and here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Show Cancelled

Dear Friends,

Unfortuately Truffle Pigs will not be participating in the Baltimore Big Flea as we had previously planned. One of us will be out of the country on those dates. We hope you will visit the show anyway at the Timonium Fairgrounds, October 23-24.
You can see us again as always at the DC Big Flea: January 8-9, 2011 and July 23-24, 2011.

Affordable Fun Fashion

Tough economic times call for creative solutions. Though not strictly a sewing project this was a fun and affordable way to send my girl off to homecoming with a unique dress. Last Spring we purchased a cute pink  ballet style frock in the clearance section of  Forever 21 for $12. We knew we wanted to do something with embellishment to jazz it up a bit. We thought about trims, zipper rosettes and sculptural details. Finally we hit upon an idea-why not a painting! We took as our inspiration the Spring 2008 Prada Collection and went with an ethereal quality as far as theme and painting style.

The theme for the dance was neon/glow-in-the-dark so I lightly added glow-in-the-dark paint to some strategic areas. I haven't been able to figure out how to get a picture of this though!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Truffle Pigs on the Road

One of us anyway. Debbie Hartwick will be taking part in the legendary Waterford Homes Tour and Craft Exhibit taking place this weekend in Waterford, Virginia. I will be assisting. This high quality craft show is one of the oldest of it's kind in existence and it is quite an honor to be juried in. Deb will be selling her wares as well as demonstrating so if you are in the area try to stop by.

And please don't make fun of us in our colonial costumes.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Selvedge Magazine

Our favorite sewing-textile related publication is now available
at a reduced price "American Rate"!
On occasion Truffle Pigs would part with hard earned cash to purchase this gem but 9 times out of 10 we would make a bee-line for the latest issue at our favorite chain bookstore and enjoy this publication while sipping latte in the comfy leather chair. And then return it to the shelf.
So glad Selvedge is now at a more affordable cost.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't Miss Truffle Pigs at the Flea

Please join us again this summer for the DC Big Flea!

This could be our best show ever with even more fresh to the market
antique items-we have been searching high and low all over the northeast and south.
In addition we will be seriously discounting some of our older stock.

Our booth space has moved once again,
we are number 757-758 in the North Building. As you enter the building
turn left and go to the first aisle along the wall which is aisle A.
We are about the second booth on the right.

Go to Damore Promotions for show information,
driving directions, hotels and
a $2 coupon off the price of admission.

And follow Damore on Facebook for pictures
of some of the items vendors will be bringing.

Hope to see you there!
The Truffle Pigs
Stacey Bear   Kim Stout   Deborah Hartwick

Pretty Pictures

Lovely and inspiring sewing items in my "virtual" collection:
(images from various antique auctions)
Felt Bonnet Girl needlecase
Sterling figural pin cushion
Folky green spool box
Mother of pearl figural needlecase
Velvet theorem pin cushion
Brass windmill tape measure
Owl pinkeep with glass eyes
Peg wooden doll in wooden egg
Not really a sewing item but charming just the same!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dorset Buttons

Not too long ago I read the book "Burning Bright"  A Novel by Tracy Chevalier, I have always enjoyed her books and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a bit of reference to Dorset buttons. The main characters in the novel manufacture Dorset Buttons, a common cottage industry of the time. I have come across these buttons from time to time but never realized the story and workmanship behind them. As so often happens, my curiosity was piqued as I was reading so I started researching the web to learn more.
Pictured below are just three types of Dorset buttons:
Blanford Cartwheel


Knob Dorset
(Above pics courtesy of the British Button Society)
They are considered to be the very first thread buttons and were often made by lacemakers. Thread is wrapped around a flat washer or ring and then filled in with stitches.
Modern day Dorset buttons have exploded into a infinite number of designs and colors:

is a  fabulous site that gives lots of background and historical information on dorset buttons, not to mention other sorts of
needlework, ribbons, tassels, laces and more
it's one of my favorites!

I've never tried to make Dorset buttons but there are a huge number of sites out there with instructions so I think i'll have to give it a try.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catching Up...Finally

It has been a while since I posted, having had an extremely busy month blogging here and helping out with this. Can't believe it's over already but what a huge success-and, increased funding from the state for arts projects in York!

Onto other exciting happenings. A sweet surprise arrived in my mailbox Tuesday, the May Issue of Where Women Create !
I feel so fortunate to be included in this amazing publication, published by Stampington & Company .
They are at the forefront of promoting artists and creativity as well as fostering connections among so many of us. The article and accompanying pics show my studio (in a RARE moment of tidyness) and there is a great shout-out to the Truffle Pigs and this very blog!
The photo shoot was great fun, and not stressfull at all, although I do look a little pale here-probably because I hadn't seen the sun for days busily getting ready and choosing my outfit (if you know me you know I'm all about the fashion). Shown are just 2 pages of the article, you'll have to check the rest out for yourself.
Thanks so much to JO and most of all to JEN for making it all happen!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knitting Nancy and Spool Knitters

I have finally decided to part with some of my Knitting Nancy's or
Spool Knitters. I have always loved these whimsical little toys that are
part knitter-part toy-part doll.
The colors and shapes are so fun and uplifting.
This one came complete with original box, picture book of designs for rugs, coin purse, and even a doll.
This Nancy below is very similar to the one I used as a child to make rugs, pillows and hats for my Barbies.
You can view more about these cuties in my ebay listings.

And you can read much more about them at crazyhaberdasher
she has a  wonderful blog about Nancy's and sewing items. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful Stitching on the Silver Screen: "Bright Star"

I finally had a chance to see the film "Bright Star", about poet John Keats and his lady love Fanny Brawne.

Sewing, handwork, textiles and early 18th century fashion play a big part in this film, not to mention beautiful cinematography and superb acting. The movie opens with a super close-up of a needle stitching and the character of Fanny Brawne stitches and creates her own garments throughout. From the age of 12 Fanny kept a fashion scrap-book, something dear to my own heart.
Here are some great links related to the movie including
Keats House in London. Fanny's sewing kit
And Sophie Digard who made the sweater garments for the movie.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fuzzy Balls

I just purchased these crocheted sewing pincushion balls and am in love with them. I have seen these occasionally while out and about, usually sold by dealers who specialize in sewing-americana-folk art-Pennsylvania antiques. The colors, texture and pattern are so interesting---I will surely be on the hunt for more>
Below, some more pics of balls for your viewing pleasure
(pics below courtesy of Pook & Pook and Conestoga Auction)

String balls and a puzzle ball pincushion. I believe these are based upon the "God's Eye" string technique.
Pom Pom plush ball.
Several pieced pincushion balls, crochet balls, wrapped string make-do pincushion and 2 chickens.
Puzzle balls, string ball, pom pom etc..

Sting ball pincushions.
European ball pincushion.
Lady and her huge ball made from granny squares.