Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pretty Pictures

Lovely and inspiring sewing items in my "virtual" collection:
(images from various antique auctions)
Felt Bonnet Girl needlecase
Sterling figural pin cushion
Folky green spool box
Mother of pearl figural needlecase
Velvet theorem pin cushion
Brass windmill tape measure
Owl pinkeep with glass eyes
Peg wooden doll in wooden egg
Not really a sewing item but charming just the same!


  1. Having a virtual collection saves so much space!!LOL Thanks for sharing - especially that naughty felt bonnet girl!!

  2. Right on Ooglebloops-especially with unique sewing items so hard to find,

  3. ...and how about that wooden doll..is that what I think I see??...very curious!

  4. The felt bonnet girl needlecase provided my giggle for the day....those sturdy thighs!