Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Will The Weekend Bring?

Two big events are occuring this weekend and the Truffle Pigs (Stacey, Deb, and Kim) will be hoping to make some good purchases for our show coming up. Both of these venues will have antiques that just may be beyond our reach financially, however we always consider these outings an opportunity for learning and inspiration.
Jeffrey S. Evans Auctions will present the Sewing Collection of Hilda S. Fried which will contain a lifetime of fine needlework and sewing items. Seeing such a beautiful array of fine antiques in one place is a great way to educate yourself and the excitment of an auction can be contagious--I hope we don't get carried away!
We always make it a point to attend the Eastern National Antique Doll Show. Vendors often bring doll related items and some of the most rare dolls, toys and textiles can be found here.

We also plan to stop along the way during our travels at some favorite SECRET spots to gather more treasures for the show in January.

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  1. Hey! It was great seeing you in Martinsburg. Have a blast at the auctions and I hope you all score some great stuff. Happy Holidays.
    Tattered Moon