Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time Travel

If we could go back in time The Truffle Pigs may want to visit a Civil War era Sanitary Fair. These fairs were held to raise funds for the war effort on both sides. Fairs and Bazaars would offer items for sale: handwork, needlework, gift items, food, plants, paintings, dolls and more. Some large fairs were held in Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Chicago. Many sewing items would have been made for sale: pincushions, needlebooks, pen wipes, knitted and crocheted socks and shawls.

Chicago Sanitary Fair

Doll sold at the Brooklyn Sanitary Fair
The Brooklyn Museum will have a special exhibit starting in January 2010

courtesy of Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Living History Exhibit of a Sanitary Fair

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  1. The dolly and her clothes are wonderful!!! Interesting post!
    Margaret B