Thursday, July 9, 2009

Always on the Hunt!

One of the most enjoyable parts of having an antiques business is getting out there and looking for treasures. Deb, Kim and I search on our own ( we live in separate states: Deb in MD, Kim in VA and I live in PA).

But twice a year we make a pilgrimage to Adamstown, PA for Extravaganza weekends. This is one long marathon of shopping--we have been know to start at 5 AM and we'll go until 9 PM when the shops close. This is also our chance to get away and reconnect as friends. Spring Extravaganza happens around the time of all of our birthdays so part of the festivities when we get back to our hotel room involves opening gifts(usually handcrafted), eating desserts and a special toast to ourselves.
Pictured: 1.Part of my haul; 2.Kim and Deb; 3.Beautiful quilt with hand stitching; 4. A dealer's van; 5. The line to get in!


  1. oink oink !
    you look like you all had fun
    bravo on the blogland venture
    xxoxoxoxo JEn