Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank You!!!

A BIG ThankYou to everyone who came out to see us at the DC Big Flea in Chantilly Virginia this past weekend. Despite the economy business was booming for us and we had a great time. To me the best part is seeing old friends-and new ones and chatting about sewing, antiques, and all those things that we all seem to love.
Thanks also to Miss Mickey Mackey for hosting us at her "Hotel" --I slept like a baby!


  1. Hey Girls !
    SO happy you have this great blog!! Being a fellow needlewoman and collector of olde I so wish I'd been at the "flea" ! Maybe next year!
    So happy it was a success!
    My best to you all !!!

    Lori Ann

  2. Hi Lori Ann!
    Glad you like it--check back on our blog as we will be posting some informative articles concerning collections and history of sewing antiques. I would love to interview you some time--and Nicole too.