Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chatelaine Bits

Chatelaine is French for "mistress of the castle". Whether it's an Equipage(waist hung item with long chains that held keys to storage areas of the home: spices, teas, documents and food stuffs) OR a Chatelaine ( a popular term during the Regency period to describe a waist hung adornment used to organize household tools and as a fashion accessory) I know that they are beautiful, rare and a coveted category in sewing collectibles.
circa 1883, source: NY Public Library

Pinchbeck (alloy of copper/zinc) Chatelaine c. 1730-1735
collection VMA

Sterling Chatelaine c. 1895 Collection Grant-Kohrs Historic Site

Ribbon Chatelaine, Godey's

Tools may include: scissors, perfume, pomader, pincushion, pinkeep, thimble holder, button hook, tablet, waxer, pencil holder, wax seal, tape measure, mirror, knife, spectacle case, purse, dog whistle.

Materials: silver, steel, brass, gold, leather, ribbon and bone, tortoise, gutta percha.

source: John Leech Archives

This may be the most practical chatelaine of all!

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