Thursday, October 1, 2009

We Return Triumphant!

Two or three times a year The Truffle Pigs (myself, Deb Hartwick and Kim Stout) get together for a buying trip. We spent last weekend doing just that at Extravaganza Weekend in Adamstown, PA--and we were joined by two good friends!  Nicole Bowen of Necessary Excess and Kitty Babendreier of Calico and Buttons. It was a whirlwind of shopping and the weather was great--we even took time for some show and tell in the hotel on Friday night.

If you know us very well you could probably guess whose loot belongs to which one of us. Most of this is for resale or to use in our art work but some will be for gifts (and a few just to keep).

Thisis a darling toy that features wooden acrobats, Debbie collects things like this as well as Push Puppets.

A sweet quilt scrap with early novelty fabric of a whippet dog.

A common scene--we search every bag, box and tin for good buttons--unfortunately this one held no treasures.

Charming perfume that Kim found.

Here we are (I am the photographer) left to right: Nicole Bowen, Deb Hartwick, Kitty Babendreier and Kim Stout.

Lastly, this was the find of the weekend--it looks like just your regular run of the mill stockinette doll but lift the apron and she is anatomically correct! With some strategically placed fur and a bit of beautifully crocheted lady parts. I would love to show you the picture but in these politcally correct times some may take offense. She is really quite charming and proud of her femininity. We plan to give her a name and make her the Truffle Pig mascot!

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